Solar panel frame size (2020 UPDATE)

Solar panel frame size(2020 update)

What is solar panel frame size?

Solar panel frame is also called solar panel aluminum frame, It is the most important part in assembling for Solar Panel. solar panel frame is an extruded aluminum frame which used to seal and fix solar module components. It can protect the solar cell and glass out of damage and break.
Besides framed PV panels are better protected during transport than frameless solar panels. So more and more thin film solar companies would love to use the frame on their new solar panel design.
solar panel frame

From the solar panel material list, we can find that solar panel frame size equals to solar panel size, so we would like to talk about more on solar panel size. Firstly, i would like to discuss about the average solar panels.

Average solar panel and solar panel frame size

Solar panels come in all kinds of shapes and sizes these days. However, most of the common panels used in today’s residential and commercial installations come in two standard sizes which are broken down into 60 cell and 72 cell solar panels.

Each solar cell is roughly six inches by six inches depending on the pv module manufacturer.

A 60 cell panel is made by laying out 10 rows of six solar cells. So, there are six cells across (width) and 10 cells down (height). If each cell is a six inch square, then the width will be approximately 36 inches wide (6×6) and 60 inches tall (6×10).

Average Solar Panels Dimensions
Commercial – 72 cell – 3.25 (39 inches) ft X 6.5 (77 inches) ft
Residential – 60 cell – 3.25 (39 inches) ft X 5.5 (66 inches) ft
However, 72 cell count panels are made six cells wide by 12 cells tall making them just as wide as 60 cell panels, but about a foot taller. Commercial projects commonly use 72 cell count panels, while most residential projects use 60 cell panels.

Please bear in mind that these numbers are mere averages. Each manufacturer may vary slightly by an inch or two due to using different framing materials.

Difference between Residential and Commercial solar panels

Although the underlying technology and system structure is pretty much the same everywhere, the panel sizes may vary based on available space of installation. Residential systems, typically rooftop systems, usually require a few hundred square feet. They also require due consideration to the roof’s ability to carry weight.

As such, residential systems usually employ slightly smaller panels as compared to a commercial system. But exactly how big are solar panels that are employed for residential spaces? Usually these are 65 inches by 39 inches, or 5.4 feet by 3.25 feet. Speaking of commercial systems that have a comparatively much larger number of panels, the size is normally 77 by 39 inches, or 6.4 feet by 3.25 feet. The depth of a solar panel may be anywhere between 1 and 2 inches, and depends mainly on the frame thickness.

You may have noticed that in both the cases, the width remains same. This factor is governed by the way solar cells are placed inside of a panel. Generally, there are six columns of cells, for both cases. For the smaller panels, there are 10 rows along the length, making 60 cells in one panel. For the larger one, there are 12 rows, making it 72 cells per panel.

When going for rooftop systems, an important thing to consider is the weight of solar panel. With all of the glass, frame, and laminating sheets contributing, the average weight of a solar panel is 40-50 pounds depending on size. Alternatively, it can be also said that panels weigh 2-4 pounds per square foot.

Besides the length and width, the word ‘size’ may mean different things to different people. Especially for people working in the solar industry, panel size usually refers to the maximum power a panel can generate. This is measured in Wp (Watt peak – Watts generated in standard or ideal conditions). For instance, a 77 x 39 panel may have a power rating of 320 Wp.

Other solar panel frame sizes

Although the average solar panel is 60 cell and 72 cell solar modules, solar panel factory also manufacture other type of solar panels from 5W to 500W for different usage. We also make the solar frame size list below for your review as below:

Power (w)Number of cells(pcs)Size of cells(mm)Solar panel frame size(mm)Weight (Kg)

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