What material is used in frame of solar panel?

What material is used in frame of solar panel

Today we would like to take some time to share what material is used in frame of solar panel? Firstly let us have an idea of solar panels and the fuction of solar frames.

From the picture of solar panel material breakdown as below, we can see that solar panel frames are part of solar panels. It hugs the glass covering the top and the solar back sheet at the bottom.

parts of solar panel

Functions of solar panel frames

There are three major types of solar panels: monocrystallinepolycrystalline, and thin-film. Each type has its own unique advantages and disadvantages. Cause thin-film do not need frames, so our topic is on mono and poly solar panels. The frame – a mechanical role and component to solar panels.

The functions of solar frame lies in its mechanical characteristics that bring several benefits:
– Handling
– Storage
– Grounding
– Fixation
– Resistance against mechanical load such as wind, snow…

Frames are a key feature in the design of a solar panel. They help to hold different components together, offer protection against the elements, and help to improve durability. Most solar panel frames are made from either anodized or powder coated aluminum.

Anodized Aluminum Solar Panel Frames

Most high-quality solar panels will feature an anodized aluminum frame and using this material has numerous benefits. Most importantly, it has the ability to reflect more heat, helping to improve the overall conversion efficiency of a solar cell.

Anodized aluminum is also easy to maintain. You can periodically clean it to restore its appearance. The material isn’t affected by sunlight and will often withstand scratches better than powder coated alternatives.

The main drawbacks of anodized aluminum solar frames are that they come in just one color – silver. This can pose a challenge to architects and solar panel companies when trying to blend solar panels into the overall aesthetics of a building. And in some rooftop solar project, most solar companies would love to use black solar panel frame to have a better appearance with the surrendings.

35m solar frame
Silver Color
40mm solar frame
Black Color

Powder Coating Solar Panel Frames

Solar panels comprising of a powder coated aluminum frame are ideal for those who prefer style over function. Most frames of this type come in black and blend in better with dark roof tiles. They can, however, come in a wide variety of colors to match different elements of a new or existing building. You can even achieve either a gloss, matt, or satin finish with the powder coating technique.

The main drawback with powder coated solar frames is that they scratch more easily than their anodized alternatives. The benefit here though is that you can repair powder coated materials, unlike scratches on anodized aluminum frames.

surface treatment of solar panel frame
Powder coating solar panel frames

Conclusion on what material is used in frame of solar panel?

After checking this article, i do believe you have a clear idea of what material is used in frame of solar panel? The mostly used is silver anodizing color solar panel frame. For the rooftop solar project, the black solar panel frame is needed. If you wanna custom color solar frames for your solar panels, the best idea is to use power coating color solar frames. 

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