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Definition of solar panel frames

Solar panel frame is also called solar panel aluminum frame, It is the most important part in assembling for Solar Panel. the solar panel frames is an extruded aluminum frame which used to seal and fix solar module components. It can protect the solar cell and glass out from damage and breakage.
Besides framed PV panels are better protected during transport than frameless solar panels. So more and more thin-film solar companies would love to use the frame on their new solar panel design.

Advantage of solar panel aluminum frame

1. Corrosion resistance and strong oxidation resistance; 
2. Strong strength and firmness; 
3. Strong tensile strength; 
4. High elasticity, rigidity and metal fatigue value; 
5. Convenient transportation and installation, even if the surface is scratched, it will not oxidize, and does not affect performance; 
6. It can adapt to various environments through convenient selection of different materials; 
7. The service life is more than 25 years.