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Solar Panel Frame Design

Free Solar Panel Frame Design

What is our free solar panel frame design

Solar panel frame design is also called solar panel frames design or pv solar panel frame design. It is our custom aluminum solar frame service for our current solar module partners and potential solar panel clients. The service is free from our expert team. The detailed solar panel frames design service as follows.

(1) Service on solar panel frame surface treatment
Ask for your requirements on solar frame surface, especially the solar panel project surroundings. We can give you suggestions on solar frame surface treatment based on your feedback. Mostly is silver anodizing treatment for its unique advantages.

If your solar panels is installed in rooftop, we suggest that the black solar frame is the best choice, cause it will make the solar panels more harmony with the buildings and also does not make light pollution.

If you solar panels is installed in the extreme environment, like the ocean corner, the electrophoresis treatment is the best choice cause it gets better performance on corrosion resistance.

If you wanna custom color aluminium frame for your solar panel, the possible way of the surface treatment is painting solar frame. You can make custom color for your solar modules.

aluminum frame for solar panel 35mm thickness drawing
Silver Anodizing
aluminium frame for bifacial solar panels 30mm thickness
Black Anodizing
aluminum extrusion solar panel frame
Custom Painting

(2) Service on solar panel frame drawing design 
Ask for solar frame design or drawings from customers. Cause solar energy has get a booming development over the past decades, so now most solar companies have R&D departments, they can provide the detailed solar panel frames drawing for us checking. Cause we are pv solar panel frames design experts, so we can give you professional suggestions and ideas whick could make the solar frames design better than before. We can provide our suggestion on various kinds of solar panel frame thickness.

Semi-hollow Type
Solar Panel Frame Thickness 40mm
cheap solar panel frame
Solar Panel Frame Thickness 35mm
Aluminum solar panel frame for double glass solar panel
Solar Panel Frame Thickness 30mm

(3) Service on solar panel frame samples
Once confirm on the solar panel frame surface treatment and solar panel frame thickness and drawing design, the next step is to make samples to our customer for testing. Equipped with advanced processing machine from Japan and Germany to keep the frame length tolerance within ±0.5mm, and we can also make the holes by using our CNC machine. We have a good relationship with forwarder and can arrange the sample at the first time. When the aluminum frame sample delivery out, will keep an eye on the shipping status and will notify our customer to pick up the samples at the first time.

(4) Service on solar panels
Our company produce aluminum frame for solar panels, so we have a kind relationship with many solar companies. Especially some solar companys on 5 w solar panel price, 80w portable solar panel price, 160 w solar panel price, 3.5 watt solar panel, so if you need these solar panels or custom solar panels, we can help to support you. We also have rich working experience on different solar panels, like mono solar panels, poly solar panels and BIPV solar panels.

(5) Service on solar panel frames enquiry feedback
We got rich working experience with global customers over lots of solar projects, and can provide 24×7 Live support service for you. Once we get your questions or enquiry on aluminium solar frames, will reply you within 2 hours with professional solutions.

Why we can provide solar panel frame design service

Solar panel frame design is also called pv module frame design or aluminium solar frames design. It is our free service. Why could we provide this kind of service to our customers. The reasons as below:

1. Opened various kinds of solar panel frames mold.
Equipped with 5 automatic extrusion lines & 2 anodizing and electrophoresis lines specified for solar panel frames for sale, our annual capacity is above 6000,000.00 sets solar frames with a 70% export to India、Japan、Korean、Thailand、UK、Germany、Australia and US markets etc. We opened a lot of solar module frame mold.

2. Over the past five year’s export experience.
we have a deep understanding on solar frame and solar industry news with our global customers. The solar panel frame design is always changing. Especially the solar panel frame thickness, the first version is 50mm thickness solar frame, then 45mm thickness solar frame, then 40mm thickness solar fames, and now is the 35mm thickness solar frames and 30mm thickness solar frames.

3. High Precision Solar Frame Processing machine.
Equipped with advanced processing machine from Japan and Germany to keep the frame length tolerance within ±0.5mm, Equipped with advanced processing machine from Japan and Germany to keep the key length tolerance within ±0.15mm

4. Professional solar panel frame design team.
Over the past 5 years working experience on aluminium solar panel frames manufacturing and export service, we have build a professional solar panel frame design team, which can supply better solution for our customers.


How to get our free solar panel frame design service

We are professional aluminium solar panel frames manufacturer in China, not only on supply high quality solar panel frames, but also on providing professional service on solar frames design, drawing, samples delivery and feedback communication.

Pls help to fill out the following form with your questions, then we will reply to at the first time. Looking forward to our kind cooperation.

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Definition of solar panel frame

Solar panel frame is also called solar panel aluminum frame, It is the most important part in assembling for Solar Panel. solar panel frame thickness 40mm is an extruded aluminum frame which used to seal and fix solar module components. It can protect the solar cell and glass out of damage and break.
Besides framed PV panels are better protected during transport than frameless solar panels. So more and more thin film solar companies would love to use the frame on their new solar panel design.

Advantage of solar panel frames you should know

1. Corrosion resistance and strong oxidation resistance;
2. Strong strength and firmness;
3. Strong tensile strength;
4. High elasticity, rigidity and metal fatigue value;
5. Convenient transportation and installation, even if the surface is scratched, it will not oxidize, and does not affect performance;
6. It can adapt to various environments through convenient selection of different materials;
7. The service life is more than 25 years.
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