Why does solar panel use aluminum frame in 2020?

Why does solar panel use aluminum frame in 2020

What is aluminum solar frame?

Aluminum solar frame can also be called aluminium frame for solar panel. Nowadays, most solar panels use silver and black solar frames on producing solar panels. Silver solar frame is the common style and can be applied on ground solar project. Based on our marketing experience, up to 72% solar project use silver color frame.

Compared with silver color, black frames are mostly used in rooftop solar project, especially on Japan and USA market. Some solar companies even produce all balck solar panel on rooftop, cause it can absorb more power from the sunshine, and much beautiful on rooftop project.

Why does solar panel use aluminum frame?

Aluminum solar panel frames are used in combination with aluminum mounting brackets to provide adequate support to solar panels. In order to firmly fixate a panel in place, the right sized frame is needed. Most of the solar panel frames we provide are made from anodized aluminum due to the strength, durability, and resistance of the material.

aluminum frame for solar panel in 2020

The main reasons are:

  • Use aluminum frame to protect the solar panel components.
  • Aluminum frame has good conductive properties and can be used as lightning protection during the thunderstorm.
  • Last but not least, the strength of aluminum frame is high. Stable and reliable. Corrosion resistance.

Actually there are many kinds of surface treatment can be used in aluminum frame, like painting solar frame, PVDF solar frame and electropherisis solar frames. But most solar panel frame are anodizing solar frame.

Why choose anodized aluminum frame for solar panels?

  • Anodized aluminum is a non-conductive material which causes no interruptions in the normal functioning of solar panels.
  • It has a high level of tensile strength to resist winds, snow, and other natural elements.
  • This form of aluminum, compared to regular aluminum is not adversely affected by scorching temperatures. Therefore, they do not bend under continual exposure from the hot sun.
  • Anodized aluminum solar frame panels do not rust even in wet and considerably damp conditions. The material is highly resistant to environmental corrosive factors.
  • This frame type can prove quite essential in protecting a solar panel’s components from lightning damage.
  • Transporting and mounting solar panels becomes easier with an anodized aluminum frame covering.
  • The solar Photovoltaic (PV) cells and EVA encapsulant layers of a solar panel setup are also supported by such frames.
  • Damage caused by dust, dirt, and pollution is also reduced with this frame type.

How to choose the right aluminum frame for your solar panel?

Actually most solar companies have R&D center and own their design, so you just need to send your own design and we manufacture the frames based on your frame drawings and requirements.

If you wanna use our own design, just inform us the solar frame thickness, solar glass thickness, solar panel size, surface treatment and we will help to choose the right solar frame for you.

If you wanna us help to design the solar frame for you. It is available here. We are solar frame expert and can supply the best service for you. You can email us or fill out the form as below. 

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