Terra Cotta Effect BIPV Roof Solar Panel Frame Right Rail

BIPV solar panel frame right rail terra cotta effect

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Terra Cotta Effect BIPV Roof Solar Panel Frame Right Rail
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BIPV solar frame

What is BIPV?

BIPV stands for Building Integrated Photovoltaics. BIPV solar panels form part of the building or envelope serving multiple functions. That’s it.

The look and performance of BIPV solar glass can be highly customized to each project. Even the color of glass can be customized, unleashing a whole new set of architectural solar design possibilities.

Product Description:

Item: BIPV solar panel frame right rail
Solar frame model: ASF-BIPV04
Thickness: 16mm height
Type: silicon frame installed
Raw material: 6063/6005 aluminum alloy
Frame Section Size: 16*37mm
Slot size: 6.2mm
Suitable glass: 4.0mm thickness
MOQ: 1500sets
Color: terra cotta/black
Payment terms: TT or L/C
FOB price: Negotiable
Common Specifications:1640*992mm/1956*992mm

Frame Drawing:

Terra Cotta Effect BIPV Roof Solar Panel Frame Right Rail Drawing

Chemical Composition of Aluminium Alloy:


Mechanical Properties of Aluminium Alloy:

AlloyTemperThicknessT.S./σb (MPa)Y.S/σ0.2 (MPa)ELOG./δ%Hardness/HW
6063T5≥ 0.8≥160≥110≥8≥8
6063T6≥ 0.8≥205≥180≥8≥10
6005T5≥ 0.8≥260≥240≥6≥12
6005T6≥ 0.8≥270≥250≥6≥14

All Solar Panel Sizes as Below for Reference:

Power (w)Number of cells(pcs)Size of cells(mm)Solar panel frame size(mm)Weight (Kg)


  • Container Loading Capacity for General Solar Frame:
     for 20 feet container;
  • 4000-4500 sets aluminum frame for 60 cell solar panel (1640*992mm)
  • 3500-4000 sets aluminum frame for 72 cell solar panel (1956*992mm)
  • for 40 feet container;
  • 8000-8500 sets aluminum frame for 60 cell solar panel (1640*992mm)
  • 7500-8000 sets aluminum frame for 72 cell solar panel (1956*992mm)

1. Abundant Solar Frame Capacity
Currently our solar frame capacity is 500,000 sets per month and 70% export to India、Japan、Korean、Thailand、UK、Germany、Australia and US markets etc.

2. Best Quality Control
Complete quality control system on solar frame and 100% OQC to keep the quality.

3. High Precision Solar Frame Processing

4. Equipped with advanced processing machine from Japan and Germany to keep the frame length tolerance within ±0.5mm

5. High Precision Corner Key Processing
Equipped with advanced processing machine from Japan and Germany to keep the key length tolerance within ±0.15mm

6. Rich Solar Frame Experiences
We got rich working experience with global customers over lots of solar projects.

7. One-Stop Service
From inspection of raw material, solar frame extrusion, aging oven treatment, sandblasting, anodizing, film coating, finish processing, packaging and loading

8. 24×7 Live Support

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Definition of solar panel frame

Solar panel frame is also called solar panel aluminum frame, It is the most important part in assembling for Solar Panel. solar panel frame is an extruded aluminum frame which used to seal and fix solar module components. It can protect the solar cell and glass out of damage and break.
Besides framed PV panels are better protected during transport than frameless solar panels. So more and more thin film solar companies would love to use the frame on their new solar panel design.

Advantage of solar panel aluminum frame

1. Corrosion resistance and strong oxidation resistance; 
2. Strong strength and firmness; 
3. Strong tensile strength; 
4. High elasticity, rigidity and metal fatigue value; 
5. Convenient transportation and installation, even if the surface is scratched, it will not oxidize, and does not affect performance; 
6. It can adapt to various environments through convenient selection of different materials; 
7. The service life is more than 25 years.

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